Bunny Goop

2 oz.                               $7.00


10 mL                        $10.00

MSM Spray: MSM is a natural chemical found in plants and animals. It has been shown to reduce pain and ease discomfort caused by numerous sources. Please look this up, it is good stuff!

Acne Soap

4 oz. by weight      $10.00​

Lip Balm

0.15 oz                  $5.00        

Lip Balm: Our lip balm is simple, no petroleum or other nasty stuff. You can use it on your lips or on your nose to help prevent dryness.  Made with raspberry oil as a natural sunscreen.

Magnesium Lotion: Topical Magnesium lotion, rich and creamy. Magnesium is known to help restless leg syndrome, leg cramping, stress headaches, and all sorts of muscle pain. Also known to help with depression, arthritis pain

Acne Soap: It does not smell all that great, but it does work. This soap is made with lots of natural antibacterial herbs to help clear up your skin. It also nourishes your skin, not dry it out.

more products and descriptions coming soon!

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Fuzzyhead: This stuff is amazing. It can reduce migraine pain, relieve headaches and people have told us it relieves hangovers.

Herbal remedies

MSM Spray

2.5 oz.                           $7.00 

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Bunny Goop: Now with a more creamy texture, this goop is made with herbs known to help with eczema, psoriasis and skin rashes. It is also good to put on new tattoos, and is a soothing cream for waxing.

Magnesium Lotion (options)

4 oz.                         $15.00

2 oz.                           $8.00



with capsaicin

with lavender